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Existing costing systems are fine for overall department budgeting, but they provide only crude and misleading estimates of actual costs of service for individual patients and conditions.

As health care providers come under increasing pressure to lower costs and report outcomes, the existing systems are wholly inadequate.

“To determine value, providers must measure costs at the medical condition level, tracking the expenses involved in treating the condition over the full cycle of care. This requires understanding the resources used in a patient’s care, including personnel, equipment and facilities; the capacity cost of supplying each resource; and the support costs associated with care, such as IT and administration. Then the cost of caring for a condition can be compared with the outcomes achieved.”  – October 2013 Harvard Business Review

PTS understands where the future is headed and strives to be on the cutting edge.


Planning by Numbers?  How Do You Compare?

AHA Guide®, 2012 edition – An American Hospital Association guide of 6,500 hospitals, health systems and networks is now available. Order here.

But do you want powerful comparative information on hospital-owned practices?  Contact PTS.


Readers Sound Off on Lean, Shared Savings and Process Variation by Haydn Bush.

Readers respond to recent H&HN Daily pieces on using Lean strategies to target waste and cut hospitals costs, what new data from the CMS Physician Group Practice Demonstration could mean for ACOs and how eliminating process variation can dramatically improve hospital quality performance. MORE>> And of course, having great data is the core for process variation research.  Successful practices rely on PTS for physician practice data and follow-up data. Contact PTS (9-11)


Surviving the Next Health Care Phase:

How Lean Principles Can Cut Hospital Costs – Mark Graban and Rob Harding

Reducing waste in health care settings using Lean principles is different in mindset and practice from traditional cost cutting. It engages all staff members in a continuous search for waste — improving quality and processes that benefit patients and lead to lower costs.  MORE>>

How Hospitals Can Build Economies of Connection – Dan Beckham

As health care leaders consider the future, they would be wise to abandon notions of economies of scale rooted in financial transactions and mass production. Instead, they should be focused on developing high-quality systems of care.  MORE>> (8-11)


Like Your Mobile App?

Mobile App Gives Patients a Heads Up on Wait Times – Petter Melau

H&HN senior editor for data and research Suzanna Hoppszallern talks to Petter Melau, an IT supervisor with Baptist Health South Florida, about the system’s award-winning mobile application for patient waiting times. Video Running Time: 4:20.  MORE>> (8-11)


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